Power Failure

 I'm out of POWA!!!! Seriously, I ran out of power. After adding two more printers to the farm I was throwing breakers left and right. I was feeling like Dynamo from The Running Man:

You know, after Arnold flips his go-kart over and he is like 'Go to commercial!! I have no power'. No? Guess I'm too old, you are too young, or you have never seen The Running Man. Probably all three. 

Anywho, I installed 3 more dedicated 20 Amp circuits to my lab. I've got some new designs coming that are better than ever, including a set of designs that turn a seemingly mediocre printer (The Kingroon KP5L) into a beast! Basically, the KP5L is a fantastic printer with a direct drive, heavy duty 3-axis linear rails, and a massive 310mm x 310mm x 340mm heated build plate. It can be found on sale often for right around $200. 

So why isn't this printer popular? Because it seriously sucks. Well not really, it just has a couple of glaringly obvious engineering flaws and terrible firmware support. It was like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota except they put the steering wheel in the back seat and ran the exhaust into the AC. You know, little things. 

Well I saw the diamond in the rough so I bought one. As soon as I got it I realized it was very much a diamond and not a lump of coal, I bought a second one before I even finished fixing the design flaws of the first one. Got one on Black Friday for $160 and another one a week before X-Mas for $195. 

I am proud to say I actually polished those turds into actual diamonds. I had to move parts, design new parts, and write custom versions of both Marlin and Robin Nano firmware about a dozen times. But finally... FINALLY... the Ferrari roars like a lion. *meow*

I also got some time off of work... three whole days in a row. Which I spent getting MORE POWA!!! Yep, installed the breakers in the panel, ran the Romex through the attic, and installed power outlets. Everything is up to code and I didn't even get electrocuted once. (I have been electrocuted many times, blame my dad.)


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