QR Codes - One Color Filament - Easy-Peasy

 Newest model up is custom QR Codes you can print with only a single color of filament. Check it out on Printables

The Stakes are High!


I've added a large garden stake collection to Printables. Over 100 stakes for marking the plants in your garden. There are all the most common herbs, veggies, and many flowers. If what you want isn't in the collection, simply comment what you would like added and I'll probably add it during my next update.

100+ Garden Stakes on Printables

The Cat's Meow

 Had to build a cat penthouse in the backyard. Had this 3.5 inch pipe sticking out of the ground I cemented in for a 10 foot satellite dish. So I 3D printed a platform to fit the pipe to mount the cat house on. Happy kitties.

New Models Posted

 It seems like I've really fallen off the edge of the flat Earth here, but I assure you I have not. I've actually uploaded several new models including the long awaited Kingroon KP5L Essential Mod kit. Check out my latest submissions on Printables