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New Filament Rack Brackets

 Designed to hold your filament spools using 1/2 inch PVC pipe. These clip on to most wire rack shelves. Download the STL files on Printables

Power Failure

 I'm out of POWA!!!! Seriously, I ran out of power. After adding two more printers to the farm I was throwing breakers left and right. I was feeling like Dynamo from The Running Man: You know, after Arnold flips his go-kart over and he is like 'Go to commercial!! I have no power'. No? Guess I'm too old, you are too young, or you have never seen The Running Man. Probably all three.  Watch The Running Man on Amazon Prime Anywho, I installed 3 more dedicated 20 Amp circuits to my lab. I've got some new designs coming that are better than ever, including a set of designs that turn a seemingly mediocre printer (The Kingroon KP5L) into a beast! Basically, the KP5L is a fantastic printer with a direct drive, heavy duty 3-axis linear rails, and a massive 310mm x 310mm x 340mm heated build plate. It can be found on sale often for right around $200.  So why isn't this printer popular? Because it seriously sucks. Well not really, it just has a couple of glaringly obvious e