Embracing the Beast!


You know, when you slap yourself in the face enough times you can really learn something. Let's face it, there are no easy CAD software solutions for making your own 3D models that are free. Even the cheapest ones are like $40 a month (we all love this subscription based new era of not owning ANYTHING) or even upwards of $200 a month. If they are free it comes with a major catch like 'anything you make we own and we are gonna let everyone make money off it except you'.  

Little things like that.

Well I try not to swear but I'm tired of paying a monthly fee for every F-ing thing I have or use. Even my Internet provider tried to tell me the WiFi built into the modem/router they provide me is $5 extra a month. I said whoa there Mr. Milk and Honey, I got 3 routers of my own so take that off my bill. So yea, I actually can't use the WiFi feature that is already present in the equipment because I refuse to pay extra for it. Stop and think about that crap for a moment. It's like buying a new car except you can't drive at night because turning on the headlights costs $5 a month. Whoops, I probably just gave some corporate creep a new idea. My routers are better anyway.

Back to the topic:

So I decided to start climbing the mountain known as FreeCAD. The truly free, open source, CAD software package. It's at version 0.21 at the time of this post. That's a long way from version 1.0, and it's been between versions 0.18 and 0.21 for a few years. But there are a lot of people dedicated to the project.

You could say FreeCAD has some bugs and you would be right. You could say it is convoluted, confusing, and all the tutorials out there on YouTube often don't work because they are for version 0.??.??, and you would be also right. You could say that I learned how to do that in 60 seconds in the free version of -insert you poison- CAD ... and if I want to figure out how to do it in FreeCAD I'll have to watch like 5 videos and spend 3 hours for a simple vase/box/whatever.

And you would be right.

But it's like stopping smoking... or giving up crack. You gotta throw away your bong. Smash those little glass tubes that came with the little rose inside (umm.. so I hear) Get rid of your ash trays. Look at that last pack of cigs and say to yourself 'I know this little box of cancer sticks that has a huge warning on it that I ignore is bad for me, but I got filament to buy.' 

That may be a bad analogy for you, but that's how I stopped smoking. All the health warnings, nagging relatives, coughing, ... nada. It came down to the Benjamins and constantly being shackled to the local Stop-N-Stab to get a pack every other day. No withdrawal. Done. Just like that. It's not cold turkey, if you truly made up your mind to stop smoking or use a drug you just let it go and it's easy. No amount of nicotine patches or gum or methadone (all substitutes for a person who really hasn't made the decision to stop) will work. It is in your mind. Some people might argue with that, but I've been an addict, known a lot of addicts, and helped people quit and watched people die. 

Again I am off the rails here. FREECAD

So I said to myself, I refuse to pay anymore. I'm gonna learn how tame this beast. I'd do a tutorial, then a few days later I did it again. Ran into moments where I could just export what I got and import it into TinkerCad to finish up... but NO!! I am going to figure out how to do it in FreeCAD.

I'm really just getting started on my journey to learn all of FreeCAD, but the boat is moving ... and it's moving FAST. I can now do just about everything I could in those more polished programs in FreeCAD. I can do it OFFLINE. And I can do it WITHOUT A SUBSCRIPTION. 

Looking back, I did the same thing with GIMP. I refused to pay the insane price of Photoshop and learned how to use the fully open source GIMP program. I actually put together a very large art portfolio that made me quite a chunk of change. Like FreeCAD, GIMP is also very complex with a steep learning curve. Photoshop isn't exactly a walk in the park, but the benefit of premium apps is an abundance of up-to-date tutorials, online courses, etc.. These days I can do in GIMP what just about any fresh college grad can do in Photoshop. 

Inside of a few months, I'll be able to say that about FreeCAD. 

Peace out - Wyqid

Cool Breeze


Need a desk fan but don't have room on your desk? Yep, me too. So I created this wall mount kit for a 12025 (120mm square by 25mm deep) computer fan. 

Download the STL files on Printables

QR Codes - One Color Filament - Easy-Peasy

 Newest model up is custom QR Codes you can print with only a single color of filament. Check it out on Printables

The Stakes are High!


I've added a large garden stake collection to Printables. Over 100 stakes for marking the plants in your garden. There are all the most common herbs, veggies, and many flowers. If what you want isn't in the collection, simply comment what you would like added and I'll probably add it during my next update.

100+ Garden Stakes on Printables

The Cat's Meow

 Had to build a cat penthouse in the backyard. Had this 3.5 inch pipe sticking out of the ground I cemented in for a 10 foot satellite dish. So I 3D printed a platform to fit the pipe to mount the cat house on. Happy kitties.

New Models Posted

 It seems like I've really fallen off the edge of the flat Earth here, but I assure you I have not. I've actually uploaded several new models including the long awaited Kingroon KP5L Essential Mod kit. Check out my latest submissions on Printables


I've made a little change from Wyqid's 3D Lab to Wyqid's Lab. Although it seems I've been an absentee landlord, I've been working on many projects. Some of these projects will be published simultaneously. Although the essence of most projects is using 3D printing, some will use only a few 3D printed elements and thus it's more of just the goings on in my lab. 

Current projects include:

* An RC Boat that deploys buoys.

* A ball mill for mixing chemical agents.

* Arduino projects.

* Raspberry Pi projects.

* Photography projects.

* Mindless dribble.

New Filament Rack Brackets

 Designed to hold your filament spools using 1/2 inch PVC pipe. These clip on to most wire rack shelves.

Download the STL files on Printables

Power Failure

 I'm out of POWA!!!! Seriously, I ran out of power. After adding two more printers to the farm I was throwing breakers left and right. I was feeling like Dynamo from The Running Man:

You know, after Arnold flips his go-kart over and he is like 'Go to commercial!! I have no power'. No? Guess I'm too old, you are too young, or you have never seen The Running Man. Probably all three. 

Anywho, I installed 3 more dedicated 20 Amp circuits to my lab. I've got some new designs coming that are better than ever, including a set of designs that turn a seemingly mediocre printer (The Kingroon KP5L) into a beast! Basically, the KP5L is a fantastic printer with a direct drive, heavy duty 3-axis linear rails, and a massive 310mm x 310mm x 340mm heated build plate. It can be found on sale often for right around $200. 

So why isn't this printer popular? Because it seriously sucks. Well not really, it just has a couple of glaringly obvious engineering flaws and terrible firmware support. It was like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota except they put the steering wheel in the back seat and ran the exhaust into the AC. You know, little things. 

Well I saw the diamond in the rough so I bought one. As soon as I got it I realized it was very much a diamond and not a lump of coal, I bought a second one before I even finished fixing the design flaws of the first one. Got one on Black Friday for $160 and another one a week before X-Mas for $195. 

I am proud to say I actually polished those turds into actual diamonds. I had to move parts, design new parts, and write custom versions of both Marlin and Robin Nano firmware about a dozen times. But finally... FINALLY... the Ferrari roars like a lion. *meow*

I also got some time off of work... three whole days in a row. Which I spent getting MORE POWA!!! Yep, installed the breakers in the panel, ran the Romex through the attic, and installed power outlets. Everything is up to code and I didn't even get electrocuted once. (I have been electrocuted many times, blame my dad.)

Printables.com Soooo Much Better

 I’ve migrated over to printables.com by Josef Prusa. I might still post my designs to Thingiverse as well, but Printables is so much more up to date. It seems like Thingiverse was abandoned and is just being maintained at this point. 

I’ve got some new designs on there, so check it out. 

Wyqid on Printables

A couple more designs

 Just published two more free designs on Thingiverse. 

A food can strainer and wire shelf hooks. Useful stuff... I'll get around to making something cute and nice after I get the practical stuff around my house I need printed.

Check out my designs on Thingiverse

New Model: Garden Hose Watering Wand using 1/2inch PVC

 This is a simple design that uses 1/2 inch PVC to make a watering wand for your garden. Simply print the spout and handle. You can put a bend in the PVC using a hair dryer or the hot sand method, as explained in the thingiverse article.

Download STL files on Thingiverse

More Free Designs for You, Zero Cost for You

 Designing new models takes time and filament, among other things. It's not enough to just model something, I have to print it and make sure it actually works/fits/durable. 

Not everybody has money to donate, so I won't ask for your money. But what you can do that is absolutely free is install and sign up for Temu using my associate link below:

Sign Up for Temu FREE

Not only can you buy 3D printer items and parts needed to make my designs, you also get a really nice discount (30% at the time of this post). Temu ships pretty quickly, the prices are really low, and the quality is very good. The credits I earn from referrals help me buy filament and publish more free useful designs.

So if you can, please take a few moments to register for Temu with my link. I personally use Temu to buy most of my filament and printer parts unless I need something in a hurry (in which case I use Amazon). Temu does ship faster than AliExpress with prices that are pretty close. Amazon usually costs about 3-5x as much, but I get it in just a few days. Usually I can wait an extra week to save a lot of money.

Finally Something New

Getting my FreeCAD groove on finally. Had two days off work which seemed like a miracle, on a weekend no less. (First whole weekend off in like a year). My first FreeCAD design is a universal metal-shelf bracket for holding half-inch PVC pipe. A simple but strong and versatile design that can be used for many applications.

Download the STL Files on Cults3D

Working Too Much

I know it looks like I've been slacking off here, but sadly I've been working almost 7 days a week so I haven't had much spare time. Also I blew out the motherboard in one of my printers and had to fix that. At any given time I have a dozen projects in progress not related to 3D printing. But, I am filling my idea book with several good designs that I plan to release. Believe it or not, I have produced most of my models using the lowly TinkerCad. I've crashed the system multiple times because I have reached the limit on what it can do. To breach those limitations I am moving up to FreeCAD.  Seems pretty easy and my models come out much nicer. Stay tuned.