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 I’ve migrated over to by Josef Prusa. I might still post my designs to Thingiverse as well, but Printables is so much more up to date. It seems like Thingiverse was abandoned and is just being maintained at this point.  I’ve got some new designs on there, so check it out.  Wyqid on Printables
Recent posts

A couple more designs

 Just published two more free designs on Thingiverse.  A food can strainer and wire shelf hooks. Useful stuff... I'll get around to making something cute and nice after I get the practical stuff around my house I need printed. Check out my designs on Thingiverse

New Model: Garden Hose Watering Wand using 1/2inch PVC

 This is a simple design that uses 1/2 inch PVC to make a watering wand for your garden. Simply print the spout and handle. You can put a bend in the PVC using a hair dryer or the hot sand method, as explained in the thingiverse article. Download STL files on Thingiverse

More Free Designs for You, Zero Cost for You

 Designing new models takes time and filament, among other things. It's not enough to just model something, I have to print it and make sure it actually works/fits/durable.  Not everybody has money to donate, so I won't ask for your money. But what you can do that is absolutely free is install and sign up for Temu using my associate link below: Sign Up for Temu FREE Not only can you buy 3D printer items and parts needed to make my designs, you also get a really nice discount (30% at the time of this post). Temu ships pretty quickly, the prices are really low, and the quality is very good. The credits I earn from referrals help me buy filament and publish more free useful designs. So if you can, please take a few moments to register for Temu with my link. I personally use Temu to buy most of my filament and printer parts unless I need something in a hurry (in which case I use Amazon). Temu does ship faster than AliExpress with prices that are pretty close. Amazon usually costs a

Finally Something New

Getting my FreeCAD groove on finally. Had two days off work which seemed like a miracle, on a weekend no less. (First whole weekend off in like a year). My first FreeCAD design is a universal metal-shelf bracket for holding half-inch PVC pipe. A simple but strong and versatile design that can be used for many applications. Download the STL Files on Cults3D

Working Too Much

I know it looks like I've been slacking off here, but sadly I've been working almost 7 days a week so I haven't had much spare time. Also I blew out the motherboard in one of my printers and had to fix that. At any given time I have a dozen projects in progress not related to 3D printing. But, I am filling my idea book with several good designs that I plan to release. Believe it or not, I have produced most of my models using the lowly TinkerCad. I've crashed the system multiple times because I have reached the limit on what it can do. To breach those limitations I am moving up to FreeCAD.  Seems pretty easy and my models come out much nicer. Stay tuned.

Updates updates updates

 Updates are coming. I’m trying to commit to a new article, design, or something once a week. Unfortunately I have a LOT of other projects going on. I spent three days printing PETG fan shrouds and making custom mods using the Minimus design on Cults3d. The STL files are not free, but for less than $3 you get one heck of a file packed with lots of goodies. Download Minimus on Cults3d   Currently I do have several models almost ready for publication. Once I get caught up I’ll post some more.