Updates updates updates

 Updates are coming. I’m trying to commit to a new article, design, or something once a week. Unfortunately I have a LOT of other projects going on. I spent three days printing PETG fan shrouds and making custom mods using the Minimus design on Cults3d. The STL files are not free, but for less than $3 you get one heck of a file packed with lots of goodies. Download Minimus on Cults3d 

Currently I do have several models almost ready for publication. Once I get caught up I’ll post some more. 

We Didn’t Start The Fire

 Finally finished a new article for the guides. How to burn your house down in 3 easy steps! No, actually it’s how to make a fire-proof 3D printer enclosure out of cardboard. Yes, cardboard that won’t burn. 

Store Your Rolls of Tape


Using common half inch PVC tubing that is usually less than $3 for a 10 foot section, you can mount this 3D print on a wall or even standard pegboard. 

I use a lot of PVC for all kinds of projects. Most people cut their PVC with a hacksaw (messy plastic shavings everywhere, uneven cuts - hacksaws suck IMO), but if you use PVC for projects then I would recommend getting a PVC cutting tool. Unlike a hacksaw, the cutter slices through PVC up to 2 inches or so with a perfectly clean and straight edge and no PVC shavings. 

You can get a PVC cutting tool here:


Download the STL file from Thingiverse

Latest Design: Paper Towel Holder

I use paper towels in the lab all the time. I needed something to hold the spool. If I can print it, why buy it. There are lots of paper towel holder designs I can download and print, but I wanted one that can be mounted onto pegboard because I have a huge pegboard wall that takes up one whole side of my room and half of another side. So for anything I design that can be wall mounted, I align the holes so pegboard is an option.

Download STL from Thingiverse

Latest Design - Food Can Mount

As you probably now know, I focus on useful items. I don't typically design much in the way of toys or figurines. This is a mount for food cans with holes aligned perfectly for standard pegboard. Of course you can mount them anywhere you like, on a wall, on a board, etc.. There are 4 designs in the package, one for standard sized 15-16oz veggie cans, and one for smaller condensed soup cans in the 10-12oz range. Each one has two different hole types. One is recessed holes for using drywall anchors, and one is for beveled screws.

Download the STL files on Thingiverse

One USB Cable To Rule Them All

Yes, I solved the 3D Printing USB Cable Problem

As many have experienced, USB connectivity to many printers has a lot of issues. Either your printer is not even detected, or the connection is dropped and your printer stops printing. This is especially common if you use the Raspberry Pi because it does not come with a shielded case to protect from EMF interference. Now a lot of veteran 3D Printing hobbyists will say the problem is that you are using a low quality cable. This is simply not the case. The cable has to be wired differently and shielded using two methods combined. I'm going to show you how to turn the most dirt cheap cable from the dollar store into the best 3D printing cable ever. I've made several, and they never drop connection or not detect my printers.

Unfortunately this will require me to make a YouTube video because building the cable is slightly confusing for the average person. I have no aspirations to become a YouTuber although I have had many YouTube channels in the past. I have my reasons. It is also part and parcel with being a content creator to have a video presence. So eventually I'll have a small area carved out of my lab for video production. I have all the equipment (atmospheric microphone, tripod, DSLR camera, green screen). I just got to set it back up again and I am dreading the process. Nothing drives me crazy more than poor quality video and/or audio watching amateur video producers online. Well one other thing… people who record video on their phone in portrait mode. Hold it sideways you cretins. Nobody likes to watch video in a little strip unless they are on TikTok. 

A detailed article will also be posted in the Guides on this site, but since it is an electronics build I feel that an instructional video is needed to make it easy to follow.

I should have the article and video ready sometime in the next month?

Thermometer Hygrometer Mount For V-Slots

 This is a mount to hold a very common low cost temperature and humidity sensor on the top of your 3D printer. You simply need two T-nuts and bolts, and the thermometer of course. You can buy two of these on Amazon for only about $6. 

Download STL on Thingiverse

Thermometer Hygrometer on Amazon

Sponge Soda Bottle Dispenser Cap

 Here is the sponge soda bottle cap I designed for applying Wyqid's Bed Tack to your printer bed. Of course you can also use it to wash dishes, put olive oil in pans for cooking, and many other things.

Download STL On Thingiverse

Brewing Potions

 I finally got some time to write up the directions for making Wyqid's Bed Tack. Also, I made an applicator STL file so you can make your own dispenser. 

You have to try it to believe it. Go check it out in the Guides section.

If it works for you, consider buying me a cup of coffee.

Called In To Work

 Ugh... Being a manager has its ups and downs. Unfortunately I am on call a lot. Tonight I planned some nice updates and a few new models. 

I managed to finish the newest model. It's printing now while I'm at work. Yeah, I know... safety... fire hazard... blah blah blah. I have a live video feed of the print, a custom built fire-proof chamber made of cardboard... mwhahhaha. Seriously, it's made of cardboard. It's actually one of my future articles, How to make a fireproof printing enclosure from cardboard. Believe me, it is tested and a blow torch can't keep it on fire. I also have a networked fire alarm and ventilation system above the rack. I'm good to go.

Function over form

 Got my first three articles posted. I re-read and tweak them to correct grammar and what not as I go. Keeping the format simple for now to make sure the links and menus stay functional in both the mobile and desktop versions. 85% of people on the web access websites via their phone these days, or I so read somewhere. 

I’m not sure if thats true, but I know many people who don’t even own a laptop or desktop or even a tablet. I’ll spruce things up with some nice icons and graphics when I have time to design them. I’m big on designing all art, taking all photos, and creating all my own 3D models so that I am the sole copyright holder and I don’t forget to credit someone. However I do use a the resources of a great project called Icons8. You should check them out if you need some really great icons for power points or videos or whatever: Icons8

More to come. I have a few days off work, so I’ll be adding some new models to Thingiverse and writing more articles.